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Workshops and Classes


Saign Charlestein has started sharing his immense metalsmithing knowledge in the form of worshops and classes. If you are interested in taking a class, or having Saign teach at your studio, please scroll down for more information.

Chasing and Repousse workshops


Learn the traditional approaches Saign uses to form and refine delicate pieces of chasing and repousse.


Learn proper technique and ergonomics, tool control, design layout, understanding the purposes and versatility of each tool, as well as every step that goes into creating chasing and repousse works of art.


Click here for class schedules and pricing.  Class Schedule

Raising and forming workshops


Learn traditional skills used for centuries to create amazing works that can be past down for generations to come. Thes techniques have been used to produce hollowware as well as armor amongst other things.


Beginner class:


Learn the basic skills of dishing, raising, planishing, and al the other skills that turn a flat sheet of metal into a 3 dimensional object.




Learn how to refine your pieces through edge and surface decoration, as well as advanced raising skills.


Click here for schedules and pricing:  Class schedule

Hosting a workshop




Would you like to bring Saign to your studio and host a workshop?


Please contact him directly for more information



To see more of Saigns work, please visit

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