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Metalsmithing tutorials



Saign Charlestein has put together numerous video tutorials to help you along your journey into the world of metalsmithing.


Click the links below, or in the dropdown menu under tutorials, to watch video tutorials on chasing and repousse, raising, embossing, pattern welded steel, and much more. Be sure to check back, or subscribe for weekly updates. Enjoy!

Chasing and Repousse


For the most complete and in depth step by step video tutorials on chasing and repousse, follow the links below


For step by step videos on making a fluer de lis by using chasing and repousse, click here:


Fluer de lis tutorial page







For information on general chasing techniques, ergonomics and tools click here.


General Chasing and repousse tutorials





Damascus Chasing Hammers


For a step by step guide on how I make a set of damascus chasing hammers, follow the link below.


Damascus Chasing hammer video tutorial page






General Metalsmithing


In this section you will find the most comprehensive set of video tutorials on metalsmithing techniques. I talk about hammers, stakes, snarling irons, raising, planishing, forming, forging, and much more.



Metalsmithing tutorials page

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