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The light planisher is the perfect planishing hammer to add to any metalsmiths hammer rack.


This exquisite set of planishing hammers is available in 4 sizes:

3/4" face

1" face

1-1/4" face

1-1/2" face


The 1" is similar to the Herman Planisher, but slightly longer, heavier and with the edges softened on the faces to minimize the chance of an errant blow damaging your work. One mirror polished face is flat, while the other has a very slight radius.


The 3/4" is perfect for jewelry scale, to fine silversmithing work.

2.5" long - 50 grams


The 1" will be for large scale jewelery work to light planishing and finishing.

3.5" long - 100 grams


The 1-1/4" is perfect for planishing larger work.

4.5" long - 250 grams


The 1-1/2"  is for large scale work all the way into autobody and armoring.

5.5" long - 425 grams

Light Planisher

  • Available individually or in a set of 4.

    All hammers are made to order, and can take up to two weeks to ship. If you need your hammer faster, please contact Saign.

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