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Damascus chasing hammers start as 30 sheets of 1080 and 15n20 steel. They are the forge welded together drawn out and manipulated numerous times to create intricate patterns.Each one is hand made and mounted on SC Studios signature osage orange handles sized to fit the head it holds.Available individually or as a set.

Damascus chasing hammers

  • Every handle is made of osage orange, a wood that is known to withstand the elements, age to a beautiful orange tone, and for its strength, ability to flex, and its resilient springiness. This combination allows for the handle to flex, recoil, and act as a whip, making chasing much more efficient and comfortable, while adding longevity to your artistic endeavors. It also absorbs harmful vibrations that can deteriorate your joints, and lead to injury. Available on request with up to a 1 month lead time. Contact Saign directly to order
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