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The Goldsmiths Planishing and Raising Hammer is my version of my favorite hammer I used as a budding metalsmith. Each forged hammer has one face that is flat, with very subtle crown and softened edges, and the other a cross pien. This is a very versatile hammer, and a true must have for any metalsmith.In the smaller sizes it can be used by jewelers in every task from small forging operations, to stone setting, riveting, etc. The larger sizes can be used by holloware artists and armourers for raising, to forming, forging, planishing, etc.

Goldsmiths Planishing and Raising Hammer

  • Available in 5 sizes: 1/2" face: 25 grams 5/8" face: 50 grams 3/4" face: 100 grams 1" face: 250 grams 1-1/4" face: 375 grams All weights and sizes are approximate
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