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After working etensively with renowned silversmith Jeff Herman to recreate his favorite planishing hammer, we are happy to introduce the "Herman Planisher."


Jeff approached me about recreating the hammer that was made by a Gorham silversmith many years ago. With quite a bit of back and forth we have improved on the original design and created something that has far bypassed the old, well-loved hammer.


This perfectly balanced 3-3/8" long hammer head weighs in at just under 4 ounces with 2 mirror-polished 1" faces. One face is perfectly flat (that end has my touchmark), and the other end is very slightly convex. Both have fairly sharp edges for precision hammering.


With the osage orange handle shaped to Jeff’s specifications, coupled with the light head, this hammer is a joy to use. The Planisher creates a light bounce with minimal wear and tear on your joints and effortless hammering.


This is a beautiful addition to any hammer rack as well as the perfect gift for the budding or graduating metalsmith.


Herman Planisher

  • “I began my life as a silversmith in 1976 while in high school, taking night courses at UMass Dartmouth. I earned a BFA degree in silversmithing and jewelry making from Portland School of Art (now Maine College of Art) where I studied under Harold Schremmer and Ernest Thompson. Upon graduating, I was hired by Gorham as a designer, sample maker, and technical illustrator. I then worked at Pilz Ltd., a small silver company where I created ecclesiastical and specialty ware prior to starting my own business in 1984.


    In 1989 I founded the Society of American Silversmiths to preserve and promote this beautiful art form.


    I’m very excited about my new favorite Planisher and hope you enjoy using it as much as I do."


    In April 2023 Jeff Herman passed Away.

    Jeff Was a kind and enthusiastic soul. His passion for the arts and meticulous attention to detail was second to none. The contributions he made to the silversmithing community were great, and the hole left behind will never be filled.
    The hammer we created together to fill his vision, is by far the nicest planishing hammer I have ever used. It is a true resemblance of his precision, enthusiasm, thoughtful approach, and passion for everything he did. I will remember him every time I reach for it.

    I will continue to make his hammer to uphold his leagacy as I think he would have wanted.

    I will miss him and cherish everything he has left behind.



    All hammers are made to order, and are usually shipped within 2 weeks or less from time of order.


    All sizes and weights are approximate

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