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SC Studios LLC's Master Set was the most extensive and versatile line of tools on the market.... (see The Expanded Master set) With 100 meticulously handcrafted in the USA tools to choose from, this line of tools will have something for the beginner as well as the most experienced artist.

Original Master Set

  • The Master set is comprised of 24 different shapes, available in up to 5 sizes of each. Every tool is hand made from w1 heat treated for maximum hardness and wear resistance.

    Every tool is approximately 4 3/8” long.

    Sizes are as follows:

    XS - 1/8” stock. For the finest detail great for jewelry, but can be useful for any artist doing chasing and repousse.

    S – 3/16” stock. For fine detail work, suited for all chasing and repousse applications

    M – 1/4” stock. For general chasing, can be used on large and small scale projects

    L – 5/16” stock. For larger pieces, great for planishing and embossing large areas

    XL – 3/8” stock. An old adage is: you want the largest face hammer that will fit the surface being worked on. The same goes for chasing and repousse. These extra large tools will help you get a smoother finish with far less work, as they move more metal with each blow. \

    Shapes and available sizes are as follows:

    These standard tools are all available in all 5 sizes:

    Straight liner

    Curved liner

    Round Planisher

    Shallow round embosser

    Deep round embosser

    Square planisher

    Square embosser

    Triangle planisher

    Tear drop Planisher

    Tear drop embosser

    Rectangle planisher

    Rectangle embosser

    Oval planisher

    Oval embosser

    Thin oval embosser

    The following texturing tools are available is sizes XS, S, M:

    Round texturing tool

    Square texturing tool

    Rectangle texturing tool

    Oval texturing tool

    Tear drop texturing tool

    Concave planisher

    Angled planisher

    Curved angled planisher

    Also included is a stippling punch in one size S

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