What's so special about a forged hammer?

The photo above shows, the materials I start with to create the finished hammer. A lot of people wonder what the difference is between a cast, machined, and forged hammer. It is all about grain structure. When metal is cast, it has a very large grain structure. Large grain structure only has so many bonds holding the piece together, and is not as strong, nor does it have as much rebound as a piece of metal with a tight refined grain structure created by forging. When metal is made, it is poured into an ingot, then when solid enough, it is forged into a dimensional shape that we buy from a metal supply house. This rough forging helps refine the grain to a nice solid piece of useable steel. Ma

Tutorial Tuesday: Snarling Irons

In this weeks Edition of Tutorial Tuesday, I'll talk about snarling irons, and demonstrate how to use them. If you're intersted in owning a snarling iron, please ask. They will be a stock item soon, but right now they are made to order.

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