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Thor's forging hammer

I wanted to make myself a new heavier forging hammer. So I forged up a nice 5 lbs hammer for myself, and posted images of it on social media. There was so much interest in it, that I have decided to add it to my line of tools, so you can own one too! So many of you also spoke out and coined it "Thor's hammer" that I will name it accordingly.

5 lbs Thor's forging hammer

With a squatty body, slightly crowned face, and wide cross pien, these hammers move metal fast and smooth. They also have highly polished faces, good for silvermithing, and blacksmithing alike.

Also there are only 2 spots open for the Raising nd forming class in May at The Ranch in Snohomish, so if you are interested in this class, sign up before it is too late!

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