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Class Schedule updated, with new dates!

I've been asked long enough, and I'm pleased to announce that I'll be offering a raising and holloware class this spring!

May 20-24th at the Ranch in Snohomish WA, I'll be teaching everything from layout, proper hammering technique, sinking low relief bowls, and raising objects that are taller than they are wide out of a flat sheet of metal! You will go home with a good understanding of the process used to form sheet metal. More info can be found here

Also both Summer Chasing and Repoussé classes in Southern California are full! Thanks to everyone who signed up! I'm looking forward to meeting you all! It's going to be a great couple weeks.

If you were hoping to sign up for a class this year and the dates didn't work out, please let me know. I may schedule another chasing class in the late fall.


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