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Hammer review by David Huang

Vessel by David Huang

A while back I messaged David Huang to see if he was interested in trying out one of my hammers. He told me I was kind to offer, but he was happy with the one chasing hammer he had been using, and that he doubted he would use mine. This was a very different response than I would get from 99% of people I would offer to send a free hammer to. I was intrigued, and humbled by his contentment.

David is kind of a minamalist, and very content making amazing pieces of art with minamal tooling. So we chatted a bit and I explained that I thought that he might find it a bit easier on his body if he were to try a lighter hammer, and let the weight of the hammer head lighten the blow, instead of shortening the stroke so much and keeping the heavier head from falling as hard. Eventually he agreed, and thought he might like to try a 3.5 oz. Knowing David's work with textures, I wasn't sure the 3.5 oz was the right hammer for the job, and because he was so selfless in turning down free hammer bling: I decided to send him a 2.5 oz as well.

All I asked was that if he did find that they made their way into his daily chasing routine, that he would write a short review of my hammers.

Needless to say, he has enjoyed using the lighter weight hammers especially the 2.5 oz.

You can read his well thought and written review here

If you are not familiar with David, or his work, I suggest you check out his website as he is a true master of organic texture, flow, and an all aroud good guy.

Do you have some of my hammers? If so please add a comment below describing what you think of them.

Vessel by David Huang

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